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We're your shower experts!

So you finally decided that you spend every day in your shower, so you might as well make it great. Bluetooth speakers, jets, a steam generator, an ozone cleaner, LED lights...

But buying a shower is hard.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a technical expert to guide you along the way? To help you pick a model that’s just right for you, and then even help you with installation and any problems that might come up?

We’re your guys.

So, what makes us so great? First, we offer a full 5-year parts warranty. This isn’t some nonsense factory warranty that leaves you on the phone for hours trying to contact someone in China—the way most factory “warranties” end up working. This is a Luxury Shower Room warranty. If anything breaks, just give us a call and we will replace it. That’s it. Second, our models are already the best of their caliber on their market, but if you want something more, we carry heavy duty models with reinforced ceilings and floors, something no other company can boast. Third, nobody in our price range beats our superior quality and our customer service.

Call today and one of our American technicians will help you pick out a model that is best for you.

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